• Electric Boiler Steam Drum Level Systems
  • Mechanical Level gages
  • TWIP, Drip Leg Systems
  • Complete Packaged Modular Systems 
Level Measurement:
Single Probe Alarm Module
  • Accurate and reliable instrument that provides positive indication of steam or water in high temperature and pressure applications
  • The SPAM measures resistance and reports the presence of either steam or water, based on fluid conductivity
  • The probe can be mounted in a column or a 1-½” Tee
  • The Swagelok® metal to metal seal assures a leak proof installation with no moving parts
  • The SPAM is an effective electronic replacement for mechanical float switches
  • The electronic unit can be conveniently located up to 65 feet away from the probe with low conductivity water and 500 feet away with high conductivity waterTwo Form-C contacts provide relay outputs for control circuits
  • LEDs indicate “WATER” or “STEAM” and a third LED flashes for “POWER/CLOCK”, to show that power is present and the clock is properly functioning
Aquarian 1000plus
  • Configured with 1 to 4 independent probe channels
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Continuity, level fault monitoring and optional 4-20mA output
  • Each level relay output is rated at 5A which enables this system to serve as a trip, alarm or on-off control device
  • Measuring the difference in resistance between high purity water and steam
  • Commonly used on Feedwater Heaters, Piping and Drains, Main Steam header drains, Hot/Cold Reheat drains and main boiler high/low alarm/trip
  • The failure mode of this system makes the Aquarian 1000Plus very popular on Turbine Drain Systems for Turbine Water Induction Protection (TWIP).
Aquarian 3000Mini
  • Multi-probe system with solid state electronics in a stainless steel enclosure
  • Capable of operating up to three two color remote displays
  • Customized for the number of probes and their locations
  • Applications: Boiler steam drum, Feedwater Heater and Deaerator. Standard features: redundant power supplies, clock fault detection of the ±5VDC circuit, three way adjustment for water conductivity, 10A power relays for level fault, 10A power relay contact output for electronic fault
Aquarian Electronic Level Indicator
  • Specifically designed to meet the industry’s growing needs & demand for a reliable, cost effective and versatile means of sensing water levels in a variety of high and low pressure applications
  • Passing a square wave ±5VDC voltage through the network and processing the resulting signal, a distinction between steam and water is made, even in water conductivities as low as 0.5 micromho
Aquarian Probe
  • This Swaged style high pressure brazed probe does not require gaskets for sealing
  • Offers a 2 year warranty with a 5 to 10 year life span
  • Rated for 3000psi @1200ºF the probe is designed to prevent water wicking
  • Each Aquarian probe is 100% Nitrogen gas tested and hydro tested to 6000psi